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1- العرض ساري على جميع المراتب ماعد .

أ. مرتبة مونتانا

ب. مرتبة لارين

جـ- مرتبة برايم

د- مرتبة الأطفال

2- العرض متاح بفروعنا والمتجر الإلكتروني

3- بمجرد اختيار الخيار نعم يتم ارسال طلب لسحب مرتبتك القديمة وتسليمك المرتبة الجديدة التي من اختيارك

4- يمكنك الاستفادة من عرض تجربة نوم 30 يوم بحيث إذا لما تكن مرتبتك المناسبة يمكنك استبدالها خلال 30 يوم من الشراء وفق الشروط والأحكام لعرض تجربة نوم 30 يوم

ملحوظة: المراتب القديمة يتم تنظيفها وصيانة الصالح منها والتبرع بها للجمعيات الخيرية

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Bed frame from In House

Comfort in every sense with luxurious sleep experience

- Swedish wood construction:The frame is constructed using high-quality Swedish wood, renowned for its durability, sustainability, and timeless elegance. This choice of wood not only ensures the bed's longevity but also showcases its commitment to eco-conscious design.

- The bed is upholstered with soft-touch velvet and has a luxurious and sophisticated design, The key feature of this bed is its generous padding made of high-density foam. This foam is known for its resilience and ability to conform to your body's contours, ensuring maximum comfort and support. Whether you're sitting up to read, watch TV, or simply unwind, the high-density foam backrest cradles you in a cocoon of plushness.

Product details:

Leg height: 5 cm

Box height: 20 cm

Back height: 120 cm

Assembly Required: Yes

Number of pieces after assembly: 1
The bed does not include the mattress

Available Sizes with Number of Boxes:
200 x 200 cm, 2× box
180 x 200 cm, 2× box
160 x 200 cm, 2× box
150 x 200 cm, 2× box
140 x 200 cm, 1× box
120 x 200 cm, 1× box
100 x 200 cm, 1× box
90 x 200 cm, 1× box

One year warranty

After-sales service:
If you want to maintain the bed frame, you can contact customer service, and our team will visit you.
المزيد من المعلومات
Weight (kg) 70.000000
Model Name Granada
Model Number 902595
Bed Legs Height (cm) 5
Headboard Height (cm) 120
Bed Box Height (cm) 20
Wood Type Swedish Wood
Bed Frame Fabric Material Velvet
Brand In House
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